Beyond the Artistic Object, Differents Models of Attitudes

At the height of the systematic all-pervasive de-materialization process that took place over the last couple of decades, there was a dialectical reversal in the Real: from the perception of the real as unrepresentable to the real “that is yet to come,” in terms of the Neo-materialistic return to material, to the "thing", to nature. This is a nature founded on “an abstract machine” of diagrams, translating substance to binary algorithms of 1 and 0. Today, the language of mathematics and the lines of code are the real bearers of the epistemological function. The bio-hackers, the alchemists, the new makers, are the agents of the making revolution of neo-baroque technological materialism. This is a hybrid world of cyborgs, of allegorical nature, of unlikely accidental combinations: the lyrics of algorithm, the new lyricism of Surrealism, which has been embedded in life, rendering it radical – a post-humanistic era delineated between the selfie and the bitcoin. This new materialistic philosophy strives to banish the last vestiges of transcendental, dualistic, and humanist traditions that still haunt cultural theory on the threshold of the post-modern age.




Eran Ehrlich‏

Eran Ehrlich is a visual artist who works with diverse media, formerly a dancer in Bat Sheva II Dance Company. He submitted his doctoral dissertation in the framework of the Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies at Bar Ilan. He is a lecturer in the Ceramic and Glass Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem and head of the department since the beginning of this academic year.