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Giuliana Racco

Giuliana Racco (b. 1976, in Toronto, Canada) work is focused on field research, people and process. Her works are formalized through a variety of media like drawing, video, installation, photography, artist book, and public interventions, concerning narration, desire, and movement – including those of workers, migrants and refugees. She explore media representations, archives, language processes and spaces of exception, looking into ways people bypass restrictions in their daily lives. Often participatory and open-ended, her works can co-exist as exhibitions, public actions, workshops, round tables and printed matter. Her latest investigation, entitled Cracking Up: Art Practices that use Risk and the Absurd to Generate Micro-spaces of Potentiality in Closed Systems, is a historical journey through artistic practices, from the early twentieth century to today, read through three lenses: 1) risk (as aesthetic and praxis); 2) the absurd (as disarming); and 3) simple actions (as disruptive tactics), with a specific focus on values connected to the circulation of people and goods through global channels.

Nirith Nelson

Nirith Nelson (b. 1968, Tel Aviv) is a contemporary art and design curator and art educator. She is the art director of the Residency Program of the Jerusalem Center for the Visual Arts.