Keith Vaughan

Philip Vann Gerard Hastings
Keith Vaughan
Lund Humphries
Hard Cover
Fine Art

Keith Vaughan occupies a unique position in British art owing to his desire to marry eroticism with ""permanent, formal, classical values"". A complex, conflicted character, he dismissed Bacon’s ‘""spiv-existentialist outlook"" and instead stripped down the human figure in such a way as to bring out man’s dignity and self-possession. This book will contribute to the growing interest in this artist, while Gerard Hastings’s essay on the gouaches draws attention to a previously overlooked aspect of Vaughan’s work.' Frances Spalding Keith Vaughan (1912-77) was a major figure in post-war British art who is known for his searching portraits of the male nude and his association with the Neo-Romantic painters. This book provides for the first time a definitive, illustrated account of his life and work, exploring his wide-ranging achievement as a modern British artist. Published in the year of Vaughan's centenary, this book is essential reading for all Modern British Art specialists, collectors and enthusiasts.