Peter Blake One man show

Marco Livingstone
Peter Blake One man show
Lund Humphries
Soft Cover
Fine Art, Visual Communication

This comprehensive illustrated survey of the work of Peter Blake (described in The Art Newspaper as 'the defining book on the English artist') is now available in a handsome paperback edition. Since his emergence in the early 1960s as a key member of the Pop Art movement, Peter Blake (b.1932) has been one of the best-known and widely loved artists of his generation. Blake's reputation from the outset was based on working across all media. Though primarily a painter, he has produced collages, drawings, watercolours, sculpture, prints, as well as commercial art in the form of graphics and album covers, most notably his design for The Beatles' Sgt Pepper album in 1967. Peter Blake: one man show considers the artist's remarkable diversity, assessing his work across all media, from the 1950s to the present. Despite his forays into a range of more experimental media, Blake sees figurative painting as the core of his work, the trunk of a tree whose branches include excursions into Pop Art, collage, sculpture, graphics and printmaking. This book reflects the engagingly diverse and endlessly imaginative one-man show that constitutes the extraordinary and prolific work of Peter Blake.