British Aviation Posters Art, Design and Flight

Scott Anthony Oliver Green
Lund Humphries
Hard Cover
Visual Communication

‘...[a] lovely and interesting book... the story of an airline and, by extension, the country whose flag it flew... British Aviation Posters takes you to depths you could have hardly suspected from its title alone and offers many hours of fruitful discovery.’ Sabu Advani, ‘...the volume fills a gap in the universe of transportation advertising.’ ARLIS From Futurism and Modernism to Art Deco and Surrealism, aviation was from its earliest days inextricably linked with revolutionary new ways of seeing the world. Focusing on the golden age of British civil aviation, British Aviation Posters shows how art and design was applied with great creativity and style to develop and promote aviation in the UK and beyond. Drawing on British Airways' premier poster collection and featuring the work of such distinguished designers as Theyre Lee-Elliott, Ben Nicholson, Edward McKnight Kauffer and Frank Wootton, British Aviation Posters offers a definitive account of this seminal period in modern UK design history.