“A Good Omen of Our Hope”: Ephemeral Art and Contemporary Politics in Antwerp, 1599

Tamar Cholcman

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Triumphal Entry of Albert and Isabella to Antwerp in 1599

This is only an English Abstract; the full article can be found at the Hebrew section of this journal.

Dr. Tamar Cholcman specializes in Renaissance and Baroque Art of both the Netherlands and the Iberian Peninsula. Her main field of research is Ephemeral Art in the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal during the 16th and 17th centuries. She studied at Tel Aviv University, the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid and at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, Munich. She received her PhD from Tel Aviv University in 2006. She was granted the Rottenstreich Scholarship for excellent doctoral-students in Humanities. In 2006 she was awarded the Dan David Prize Scholarship for Young Researchers. Her publications are related to questions of patronage, civic propaganda and ceremony as well as to theoretical problems of the absence object and its realization in the written text of Ephemeral Art.

The Left, the Right and the Holy Spirit, October 2008