From "Socialist Realism" to "Non-conformism": Art between Recruitment and Underground in the Soviet Union.

Dana Arieli-Horowitz
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Borisov, Glasnost and Perestroika, 1986

This is only an English Abstract; the full article can be found at the Hebrew section of this journal.

D.R Dana Arieli-Horowitz is the head of the History and Theory Department at Bezalel, where she lectures. Among the books she has published (in Hebrew) are: Creators and Dictators: Avant-Garde and Mobilized Art in Totaliterian Regimes (2008), Creators in Overburden: Rabin Assassination, Arts and Politics (2005, winner of the 2006 Israeli Prime Minister's Award); Romanticism of Steel: Art and Politics in Nazi Germany (1999); In Labyrinth of Legitimacy: Referendum and Israel (1993).

The Left, the Right and the Holy Spirit, October 2008