The Door's Keepers: About 'Exclusion' and the Politization of the Aesthetic in the Discourse of Israeli Art

Dror Eydar

This is only an English Abstract; the full article can be found at the Hebrew section of this journal.

Dr. Dror Eydar has Ph. D. in Hebrew literature. He teaches in the department of History and Theory at 'Bezalel' Academy and in the Social Science faculty at Bar-Ilan University. Eydar has published articles in literature, culture criticism, sociology and politics. His book, Alterman – Baudelaire; Paris – Tel Aviv: Urbanism and Myth in the Poetry of Nathan Alterman and Charles BaudelaireI, was printed at 2003 in Carmel P.H. Recently, his article, “'Knocking on Wisdom’s Door' - On Pirkei Rabbi Akiva – A forgotten play from the early Haskala period by Mordechai Poper", has been published on Jerusalem Studies in Hebrew Literature. His next book, The Last of the Lord's Poets - Myth, Ethos and Mysticism in the Literary Works of Yosef Zvi Rimon, is going to be published at Magnes press.

The Left, the Right and the Holy Spirit, October 2008