There is No Real Picture

Lior Goldrat

The images presented here "speak" reality; reality as it is grasped through the gaze of the eyes. I have chosen to present this bulk of reality by means of the camera, which is a work tool, a machine. In this way I strive towards a broadening of reality, with the intention of changing it and adding something beyond what the camera is capable of seeing and knowing; a kind of manipulation of the "cold" technology.

By broadening reality by means of the camera we challenge nature, what appears to really exist, and thus create a connection between the means of the picture (the camera) and my desire to create a new image.

In my work I wanted to show that I also have control over reality, and I am the one who is causing the reversal of roles: the camera is enslaved to my wishes, and it is I who creates a reality according to my eyesight and not according to how it appears through the eyes of the camera alone.

The bottom line: my aim is to "take" the viewer to a different world of images in which he will experience a new reality.

Photography as I see it satisfies my wish to create realism that suits my concept; Affixing  and precise copying which perpetuates real time in a new world.  This concept of photography creates a new experience in the meeting of the photographic image that is created opposite the present reality.

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Department of Photography
1st Year

Off the Record, July 2009