Caricatures 2008

Hadass Brandes

This collection of works, includes chosen caricatures which I created in the course "Caricatures" led by Michel Kishke, during my 3rd year studies at Bezalel.

2008 was a year of many events – political, social and security – and this exhibition reveals my commentary on these events (often cynical), as an Israeli citizen and as a creator.

Participation in the course and the home assignments gave me the opportunity to be alert to daily events and current affairs, and to create an assertive point of view about them. The works were chosen because they represent this point of view absolutely clearly, and also the artistic line that began to consolidate in the process of the work. As for the subject matter, I   asked to focus mainly on aspects that touch directly on the Israeli consciousness – from the rioting of supporters at the football fields (work no.9, "Yellow"), to the security situation in the south (work no. 3, "Tomy's Fort"); anecdotes from daily life like an illogical bill/ draft law (work no. 5 "What did you do in the Army?"), or social problems like sexual harassment (work no.4, "Among the Wolves".)

In this respect work no.6 ("All Squeazed Up"), is an exception. It represents a part of my personal world as a student at Bezalel with an additional barbed criticism on the institution.

One can recognize in the collection examples of different styles that I wanted to examine – for example work no.2 ("Gabi's Angels") shows an artistic approach which combines colour with a rich pencil line, in contrast to work no. 9 ("Ehood and Ehood") which expresses a more minimalistic approach – a very fine line, together with a minimum, token amount of colour. So also in work no.3 (Tomy's Fort"), where no colour is used except for the Iranian flag, and this helps to sharpen the message.

I was thus given the opportunity to examine different kinds of line, and to become acquainted with the variety of possibilities – for example, a clean, calligraphic line as in work no. 7 (3.35 MB) ("Leave, Sarahle"), in contrast to a sketched line which makes use of rich shadowing as in work no. 1 ("Bang"), and also a combination of both as in work no. 10 ("The Day I Bombed The World").

Department of Animation

Off the Record, July 2009