Suzanna and I: changes in the Historical \ Mythological and Aggressor \ Victim representations in the works of Haim Ma'or 1978-2008

Haim Ma'or

Prof. Haim Ma'or is an artist, a curator and a member of staff in the Department of the Arts in the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He has been one of the founders of "Studio" art magazine and its first editor between the years 1984-1994. Prof. Ma'or took part in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad and he presented many solo exhibitions, among which is the exhibition "The Face of Race and The Face of Memory" at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in 1988 and the exhibition "Suzanna – Shoshanat Ya'acov" at the National Jewish Museum in Washington in 1998. His installation "The Forbidden Library" is being presented at the "Massu'a Institute for the Study of The Holocaust" at Tel Yitzhak for over than a decade.
Prof. Ma'or has won several awards for his artistic work among which are: "The Minister of Science, Culture and Sports Award" in 1994 and "The Zussman Award" "Yad Vashem" in 1995.

Germania, September 2009