Charlie Chaplin Sings a Silent Requiem: Chaplin's Cinema in the Period 1928-1952 as a Cinematic Statement on the Transition From Silent Films to Talking Films

Aner Preminger

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Aner Preminger is an independent filmmaker and a film scholar. He is an associate Professor at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and is the head of the Film & TV department at Sapir Academic College. He has been directing, producing and writing since 1986, and among his films are the two notable features: Blind Man's Bluff, and The Last Resort. He also published the books: François Truffaut – The Man Who Loved Films, Hakibutz Hameuahad, Tel-Aviv University and Sapir Academic College Publication, 2006; Enchanted Screen: A chronology of media & language, The Open University, 1995.

On the Sensual in Art, October 2011