The Divine Vagina: Theological Thoughts about Pornography

Hagai Dagan

This paper was submitted in Hebrew, please switch to the Hebrew section of the issue.

Hagai Dagan is an Israeli writer and scholar of Judaism and Jewish thought. He is currently the head of the Jewish thought program in the interdisciplinary department at Sapir College, and has previously taught at the University of Beer-Sheva, at Tel-Aviv University, at the Academic College of Tel Aviv–Jaffa and at the Sam Spiegel Film School. His books include: The land is sailing (Tel-Aviv: Xargol, 2007), The king has no house (Tel-Aviv: Xargol, 2005), The Jewish Mythology (Tel-Aviv: Mapa, 2003), Judaisms (Tel Aviv University and Mapa 2005), Under the line of pleasure (Tel-Aviv: Xargol, 2001), Annals of the island of women (Tel-aviv: Xargol, 1999), Strokes of longing (Tel-Aviv: Po'alim, 1991).

On the Sensual in Art, October 2011