Ambivalent Discourse and the Productive Look in the Work of Ruth Kestenbaum Ben-Dov

David Sperber


            Ruth Kestenbaum Ben-Dov, Prayer Rug 2, 2003, Oil on canvas, 80X125 cm.

                                                      Eshchar,  Artist Collection.   


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David Sperber is an art critic and independent curator. He has written about and curated many exhibitions at the Lieber Center at Bar Ilan University. Sperber's articles have appeared in numerous publications including academic periodicals, museum exhibition catalogs and in the popular media. He regularly writes in the online magazine "Erev Rav" and other online venues. In 2012 he co-curated, with the Judaica curator Devora Liss, an international exhibition of Jewish Feminist Art at the Ein Harod Museum of art in Israel.

Conflict: Antagonism and Creation