Red Lines

Karin Eliyahu

Discovering the point of view is a central element in my work. By physical maneuvers (sudden shifts of perspective, a blink of an eye, squinting of the lips, walking back and forth) I look for combinations that cause visual enhancement to the everyday landscape and have a narrative quality. The sought-after story is not anecdotal, but chronic: sights passed by every day, absorbed unheedingly, until at a certain moment, from a specific angle, are suddenly revealed as acute and conflicting. The photographs forming this group were taken mostly close to where I live and pass by routinely. From these routes I picked aberrations that tell something about the existential situation, such as a public device, monstrous by its singularity, which appears to have been especially designed for this particular branch of the National Insurance Institute (Picture 2); a red hydrant pole that has a burnt bush on its head (Picture 5) and graffiti that relate to the Other of Israeli society (Picture 8). The photographs represent a lack of movement and often fenced boundaries, and yet they leave open a possibility for breaking through those boundaries.

Red Lines exhibition Karin Eliyahu (1.27 MB)

Karin Eliyahu, an artist in the photography field, was born in 1971 in Ramat-Gan. Karin holds B.Ed.F.A degree from The School of Art – Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College (2000), a text editor diploma, and is studying currently for a M.A. degree in Information Science. Her photographs have been exhibited in various galleries in Israel, Tel Aviv Museum and Ashdod Art Museum, in a local project in South Korea, and have been published in several volumes of "Hamidrasha" art journal, amongst them the volume "Death" in 2010.

Conflict: Antagonism and Creation