Moments of Silence

Exhibition: Guy Ben-Ari / Text: Boaz Arad

This group of paintings by Guy Ben-Ari is based on the pilot episode titled “The Time Element” for the television show The Twilight Zone from 1958. The plot presents a man going to a psychiatrist regarding dreams in which he is traveling back in time to a moment just before the Pearl Harbor attack. The Twilight Zone television show dealt with things that are beyond our rational reality perception, in the vague boundaries of our consciousness.

Ben-Ari is interested in authority of knowledge, reality and truth, and in progression over a non-continuous time sequence. Reality that exists on the edge of knowledge, and in moments when our entire perception is being put to the test. In a sense, the painting becomes a machine and the painter a time traveler. The journey of the painting is on one hand into the pilot - and on the other - from the abstract to the concrete, and back.



Quiet Please! On Silence and Acts of Silencing