The Poetics of Silence in the Work of John Cage 4'33

Sonia Mazar

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Born in Kiev (Ukraine), holds an B.A and an Artist degree (with distinction) from the Jerusalem Academy for Music & Dance and a Master degree from the Departments of Musicology at the Hebrew University. Sonia is a doctoral student at the Musicology Department at the Hebrew University. The research topic of her dissertation is: "The Extent of Preservation and Aspects of Modification of the `Solita forma' in Nineteenth Century Italian Opera Seria (1810-1870)"
Her other research interests includes the opera from the beginning till 20th century. Sonia is a member of the teacher's staff of the Music & Dance Academy in Jerusalem since 1997, where she serves as a vocal coach in the vocal department. In addition, she serves as a vocal coach in the New Israeli Opera.

Quiet Please! On Silence and Acts of Silencing