The Silenced and the Silencer Body: Ways of Seeing the "other" in Newspapers Advertisements in 1950s Israel

Oded Heilbronner

This paper was submitted in Hebew, please switch to the Hebrew section of the issue.

Oded Heilbronner is a Senior lecture at Shenkar College of Art&Design,The Interdisiplinary Centre Herzliya, and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was a research fellow at the Universities of Oxford and Göttingen. He has published widely on German, European, German-Jewish and Catholic history of Europe, on popular culture in Britain,on pop culture,on theories of cultural studies, and on Nazism, Holocaust and Antisemitism. His latest edited book in Hebrew was David Bowie- The Man who Fall from Another Planet,Resling Publishing 2013

Quiet Please! On Silence and Acts of Silencing