Issue 2, Spring 2006: New Approaches in Contemporary Curating

Tsadok Bassan's Exhibition "Orphan Girls". Curator: Guy Raz. The Artists House, Jerusalem: September 2005.

The second issue of History and Theory: the Protocols, is dedicated to the role of museums, galleries and curators take in shaping the art scene.<br/>
Though deeply rooted in our daily routine life, exhibition spaces of all sorts, still to this day elicit the question as to their legitimacy: are they necessary for the dissemination of art, aesthetic values, political points of view, knowledge, memory, identity, etc., or – in a roundabout way they implicitly serve undercurrent (yet dominant) intricate forces which compel and control the shape of our culture. Would we say that what is displayed in an exhibition truly represents and honestly renders our zeitgeist, or – still to this day, even in democratic free countries, curators manipulate us to conform to preconditioned values?<br/>
Ben Baruch Blich<br/>
chief editor