The Protocols of Bezalel’s Young, July 2011

Yoek Fink, Untitled, 2010, Ink Injection

The Protocols of Bezalel’s Young 2011, the 21st issue of ‘History & Theory: the Protocols’, is the fifth issue to be published that is wholly dedicated to the works of students.
For the issue's cover we have chosen a photograph by Yoel Fink – a third year student at the Department of Photography. This photograph opens the series “Last Stop” that is dedicated to the sights he captured in the vicinity of the last stops of NYC’s underground trains, and which is published in this issue as a virtual exhibition. The depiction of a structural element that appears as if torn out of some foreign context and which is thus rendered into a literal ‘unturned stone’, encapsulates a fascinating conjunction of visual oppositions. In discussing this picture Fink explained that it was taken near a “simple communal college he never heard of before” which he understood to be the opposite of “the prestigious Columbia University”. This combination of visual and conceptual oppositions that is embodied in this picture, and on which Fink’s entire series is based with its positing of the zone surrounding the trains’ last stop serving as both a seam and a boundary, raises historical, theoretical, and cultural issues, and thereby reminds us why the E-Journal ‘History & Theory: the Protocols’ dedicates on a yearly basis its summer issue to the works of students.
The first section is dedicated to students’ academic work, and it contains eight articles. These texts are based on third year seminary papers that were chosen for their exceptional academic merit and were consequently revised into academic papers. Even a cursory reading suffices to reveal the breadth and variety of subject matters with which these papers deal: painting and sculpture, photography and cinema, dance and music, industrial design and architecture, and the diverse interests and intellectual affinities of the authors: philosophy, literature, technology, economics, history, conservation, cultural and counter-culture.
The second section is dedicated to the works of art of students from the departments of Photography, Architecture and Industrial Design. Some of these works have been created as part of their studies at Bezalel, and some in other institutions in Israel and abroad. There is a great deal of diversity, both in terms of medium and of subject matter, but all works are connected by their shared interest in human-being(s).