Paparazzo - The Elio Sorci Collection

Elio SorciPhilippe Garner
Paparazzo - The Elio Sorci Collection
Roads Publishing
Hard Cover
צילום, אמנות פלסטית

The late Elio Sorci amassed over 14,000 sets of images in his career, and while prints of his photographs now sell at auction for thousands of pounds, to date there has not been a book dedicated to Sorci’s work. One of the first paparazzi, Sorci’s photographs show some of the world’s most iconic stars in a new light. They are candid, glamorous, often hilarious and always cool. Interestingly, in some cases the stars are a little older than they are in the clichéd images we are used to, which is a refreshing angle in today’s hyper-Photoshopped media