Samia Halaby: Five Decades of Painting and Innovation

Maymanah Farhat
Samia Halaby: Five Decades of Painting and Innovation
Booth-Clibborn Editions
Hard Cover
אמנות פלסטית

An oversized monograph that provides an unprecedented look at one of the Arab world’s leading painters and major innovators of the school of abstraction, This book spans over five decades of the artist’s illustrious career and contains nearly 450 colour reproductions, presenting her expansive oeuvre through paintings, prints and drawings. These are accompanied by an essay by New York-based art historian Maymanah Farhat, in addition to the personal reflections of the painter as she explains the many inspirations and approaches that were involved in creating her works. Organised chronologically according to consecutive periods of Halaby’s painting, from her early student days in the 1960s to her most recent series in 2013, this impressive book is one of the most important publications on a single Arab artist to date, making it essential to the study of Middle Eastern culture.