The Drawings of Henry Moore

Andrew Causey
The Drawings of Henry Moore
Lund Humphries
Hard Cover
אמנות פלסטית

‘Andrew Causey’s book is an excellent introduction to Moore’s drawing because it locates the artist within the context of the criticism through which he developed, as well as discussing him from a contemporary viewpoint ... This is a fascinating and revealing study written with admirable clarity.’ The Art Newspaper ‘Readable, beautiful, and presenting a new way of looking at Moore’s art, this work is a joy and recommended for artists, academics, and the general public.’ Library Journal ‘Supported by a thoroughly researched, informative and accessible text, Causey engages the reader in Moore’s biography, theories and working practices relating to his drawings ... Causey’s excellent book will inform and inspire, and provides a fascinating look into the creative mind of one of Britain’s greatest artists’. The Artist Henry Moore’s Shelter Drawings are universally recognised as a key element of his oeuvre. However, these drawings should not be seen in isolation: this volume provides a highly readable account of the development of Moore’s graphic work so providing a well-rounded discussion of this significant aspect of his artistic output.