The Naked Eye

Charles Saatchi
The Naked Eye
Booth-Clibborn Editions
Soft Cover
פיסול, אמנות פלסטית, תקשורת חזותית

A new book by Charles Saatchi based on extraordinary — and amazingly — un-photoshopped images, all the more extraordinary for being real, all the more fascinating for existing without computer manipulation. Some of the 112 images are the works of artists and visionary architects, some showcase incredible natural phenomena, and others have been snapped by chance at the perfect moment. Alongside are stories, facts, and hidden histories, written in Saatchi’s entertaining pithy style. Charles Saatchi, founder of the global advertising agency and arguably the most important art collector of our time, has vigorously shaped the contemporary art scene while contradictorily remaining a reclusive, even elusive figure.