Weekly World News

Neil McGinness
Weekly World News
Roads Publishing
Hard Cover
תקשורת חזותית

Founded in 1979, the Weekly World News was an irreverent newspaper that played with sensationalist conventions in tabloid journalism. Iconic in its design and infamous in its content, it ran for twenty-eight years, and at its peak it had a circulation of 1.2 million per issue. It ceased to appear in print form in 2007, but has maintained its cult status with an on-line presence. (Recent startling stories include President Obama’s Executive Order to immediately begin carving his face on Mount Rushmore.) Weekly World News is now operated by Neil McGinness, formerly of National Lampoon, and it continues to generate the best of subversive but good-natured urban legends, trash tales and satirical pop culture stories - highlighting the absurdity of today’s celebrity obsessed tabloids.​ With its bold design, this book pays homage to print conventions of yesteryear, while reminding us of the important news that no one else was brave enough to report.